Is that how we Evolve? Poem#10 National Poetry Month

The Value of lifeDoes life take us or
do we take life with us
since we and life and not independent
we cannot take life with us
but then life cannot take us with it either
Life and we are one and the same

people have been trying to explain Life
ever since they figured out two things
One; that they can think
Two; that they can confuse themselves and others

Life is a combination of thinking and the
obvious ability to confuse ourselves
Animals I guess don’t have both these
That is why some care less for them
We selectively value them
Low to High

Even the animal highest in our scale
is lower that a human being’s value
The rules of Value are set by us
There are exceptions
Like the lady I knew from my past life
She claimed, she likes dogs more
Kids were just kind of OK for her
Not sure where she is now

So the confusing thing is not “Life”
It is the question of “meaning of life”
There is none say some
There is one says others
The problem is often
One person denies other person’s ‘meaning’
And that makes life different for all of us

My life becomes different from yours
My meaning of life is not yours
And slowly
I start valuing my life over yours
and a time comes
We start rating the value of human life
like that of animals
in a scale of ‘low to high”

Some human life gets valued less than others
some more than the rest
and then at that point
we all cease becoming human
we are getting there slowly

It is not a destination we reach
But a transformation we become
We become something new, something different
that values Human life differently
and one question remains
Is that how we evolve?
Is that how we evolve?

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