A Feast for the Moon – Poem-15 – National Poetry Month

kahl-68145_1280There are plenty of unfinished business
we leave behind us when sun goes down
Some return and show their half done faces
when the sun rises

No one finishes everything
We all have to be hurt by the incompleteness
It is a fact of life, But
Unfinished does not mean we are finished

Those unfinished business that don’t return
are eaten by the moons.
Not just the one revolving around the earth, but all those
other starving moons in the solar system

Moons have a great appetite for unfinished business
That is why they keep revolving around planets…
There is unfinished solar business
even on planets with no life

If you have wondered why our moon shines,
It is reflecting all those unfinished business
it has consumed from
the start of time on our planet

But even moons are incomplete at times
they are half and not full,
reflecting the times we overwork into the mornings;
making the day and night one; Finishing everything, Don’t do it

Our role is to feed the moon
We all need to give our share of unfinished business to our moon
Today go to bed early leaving more stuff unfinished
Let the moon have a feast and
we will all just party in the moonlight