Advice On Love Making – Poem 16 – National Poetry Month

heart-700141_1920On a typical hot summer day,
when sweat pores become way too generous
As the blanket lies in the corner
shaped like a canine
waiting for its master’s love
you see the bare body you adore
and think just about making love
and you say to yourself

“Sweat, you make it all beautiful
You give it that extra push
Sweat, you make love making happen
happen in its most amazing elegance
Sweat, you make those deep inhales
worth every single heartbeat
You create the background in which
the silence bursts every sense
Sweat, you make me win every bet”

Love making, makes an art out of a
slice of your life
It makes things perfect yet
gives room for improvement
Lovemaking helps you be aware
of your limits,
your wants and your sense of enjoyment
if you fake it just to show you make it
A small piece of advice
Enjoy the sweat instead of sweating it out
just let Love make
some sweet and salty sweat

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