A Daughter is a Poem – Poem#17 – National Poetry Month

IMG-20150417-WA0004Writing a Poem for a daughter is not easy
You can sing a lullaby, tell a story
but a poem? That is tough
Your Daughter is the poem

Poetry gives meaning to your life
even when you have abandoned
your search for it
Your Daughter is your poem

Poems are timeless and a daughter
grows up to be the same little girl
Year after year after year
A daughter is a poem

DSC_0016Some Poems remind you
that you are better than what you think
and yet you should strive to be better
Your daughter is that poem

Poems tell you things you don’t know
They help you look deep inside you
just Listen to it, they are always right,
Your Daughter is your poem

Writing a Poem for a daughter is not easy
But I am one hell of a lucky guy
I don’t need to write a poem, because
My Daughter is my poem

You have turned sixteen today and it is National Poetry Month what else can be better than a few lines on how I feel. A Son born on International Women’s day and a daughter born in the national poetry month. Not bad… not bad at all….

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  1. This is P.Kesavan Nair. I would like to read your poems

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