Life is a Spring – Poem#18 – National Poetry Month

IMG_20150418_104449To be a kid again you need to grow up a bit
that does not make much sense
being a kid is something we grow out of
never to return…
Or may be not?

Adulthood is like a spring
Pulled from both ends by two kids
On one end is that kid from your memory
And on the other end
if that kid from your dreams

Once you become an adult
It is your responsibility
to grow out of it
as fast as possible, before time runs out
and be that kid of your dreams again

You are smart and you need to know that
springs create tension
they create so much stress
as we stretch our life between
a memory and a dream
we need to just let go…
become the kid of our dreams
Life is a spring
But we can all let go

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