Amidst Buried, Deep, silence and love – Poem#19 – National Poetry Month

font-705667_1280There are a few words that come
when I sit to write a poem
every time I sit with no idea forcing me
these are the exact words that
open the door to the poetic flow

Buried, Deep, silence, love and amidst
Five words that keep coming
when no other thoughts come
yet I don’t remember having ever written
Something starting with any of these words

What do words really mean to us?
Do they just have a literal meaning?
Or do they have a meaning that
Intertwine with who we are
The life we have been living
The people we know
The people we do not know
Well I don’t know

But these words should have something
Something special that pertains to me
Because they are the ones
te only ones that come
When there is nothing else in my mind
When there is no other word to write
They just come in and give company
Buried, Deep, silence, love and amidst
So may be today I will just use all of them
Buried, Deep, silence, love and amidst

Amidst all the love that I have
I also witness a silence
buried deep inside me
a place that I have to often be lost
to find myself
To be lost is the first step of being found

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  1. excellent bro

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