Just the World and not me – Poem#20 – National Poetry Month

smartphone-703385_1280Let me for today close the windows
and pull the curtains down and
not let the smell of agony go out
The world has a lot to deal with
And let me not add to its misery

So today for one day let me
close everything up
and wait for tomorrow
when a new sun will come
and the world will be more equipped
to handle more

Everyone should close up for a day
Don’t let the world know what they go through
And then close their eyes and
imagine the world
without their pain in it

We always see the world through our agony
and that makes us blind to
what is really out there
it is not fair

So today let me close the windows
So I can take time and see the world
Without my agony and pain
Without my complains
Without my blaming
Without my prejudices

Let me today look at the world
without me in it…
assure the world that
it can forget me
that there is no one inside me
today for the world to take care
it is just the world
and not me in it

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