Star Sprinkled Cereal – Poem#23 – National Poetry Month

background-15171_1920It has been a while so,
tonight let us take a stroll
we can walk past the woods into the open
where the creek kisses the old man’s shack
We can collect some stars on the way
It has been a long time since
I sprinkled stars on my morning cereal
We can walk up to the bridge
and then look down,
who knows we might find a slice of the moon we
had pickled in our dreams years ago
it would taste so good now…
they say with passing time
every slice of an old dream
can sew in new realities into your future
We can stop by the oak tree and
once more carve our names in there
this time I will carve your name
and you can carve mine
or wait…..
let us do one thing
we can take a swing with us and tie it up
you can sit on my lap and we can swing till dawn
If we feel sleepy
we can go to the old man’s shack
no one lives there any more
we can make love and sleep there
when the sun rises we can
walk back
come home and take the cereal, sprinkle the stars and eat
It has been a while so
let us take a stroll tonight
Star sprinkled cereal……
that will be a real feast after a long time