My Polarity Check – Poem#24 – National Poetry Month

polarity-460731_1280When I go to sleep I wonder
if the dream today
will take me to the other side of sleep
I get to the other side of the bed,
A different room in the house,
and even the street
but never on the other side of sleep

When I got to shower I expect
to get out clean but
when the water gushes from the shower
thoughts come in and manipulate
what already exists in there,
I wipe off the water and step out with
an even dirtier mind

When I sit to eat I imagine it is hunger
that brought me there
as I hog on the food, I miss the taste
I check the time and let the second needle
drive my food habits.
When I get up and leave, I wonder why
I was there and start feeling hungry.

I get in the car and drive hoping to reach somewhere
Without deflecting from the route
Making every turn as it should
Stopping at every signal, I drive well and
on time reach the destination
When I step out of the car and look around
I realize that I had lost myself in that journey.
I physically transported myself by
mentally getting lost

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