Make your kid a Genius – Poem#25 National Poetry Month

nerd-309458_1280Make your kid a Genius
If that was an advertisement you saw
and your eyes popped out, three things are clear
First, you are not a genius
Second, your child is not a genius
Third, you think being genius is everything in life
I differ; I can; because I am no genius

What does genius mean?
Dictionaries say a ‘genius’ is
A person with exceptional ability in a specific field
‘Specific field’ is important
May be more than the fact ‘exceptional’

But some advertisements often claim a bit more
They claim “make your kid
A painter, artist, photographer, mathematician, musician
A Einstein, a Mozart, a Edison
All in one… no specific field
They can be everything and anything
Not just average, but exceptional
Geniuses in all fields….
Some even can make them read blindfold
Are we making a genius
or a genie out of a kid
A genie who can do anything and everything
Welcome to the genie factory

We live in a world where as parents we
suffer from the ‘Parents Vulnerability Factor’
We all want the best for our kids
making us gullible to a lot of things and
we miss some important things in parenting
Welcome to the Vulnerable Parents Association

So here is my 2 cents even if you don’t want it
I can give it to you free; because I am no genius
Don’t run around to make your kid a genius
so much that you miss on what makes life important
Teach them how to love
Teach them compassion
Ask them to pursue their dreams
To not fear and always be bold and truthful
Tell them failure is part of life
Teach them to own it and learn from it

Tell them that becoming better than someone
is not everything in life
Strive to give everything you have to what you love
the goal is not to pull down and defeat others
Tell them they will be exceptional
That they will be geniuses in their own right
Just pursue what they like and what they love
Ask them questions
send them to seek answers
teach them the importance of questions
the importance of being rational
Tell them it is their responsibility
to treat equal a world that is unequal
Show them how to smell a flower
to never lose their awe for life and
to slow down when it is needed
Tell them climbing the mountain is good
But learn to appreciate the majestic view from its feet
Tell them they are kids
And allow them to be it
Tell them not to lose that kid as they grow up

If you can manage teaching your kids this
You are a genius parent
I can say that because I am not one…
And what we need are genius parents
to bring up kids as good human beings
and not competition junkies
We need genius parents more than genius kids
Are you a genius parent?
I can ask that question because I am not one

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4 replies

  1. This is such a great post. It is so true! Parents seem to be losing the true experience of allowing their children be children and enjoying and learning about life. I am going to reblog this. Thanks.

  2. Reblogged this on STRAWBERRIES FOREVER and commented:
    Here is a great post about parenting.

  3. Reblogged this on barclaydave and commented:
    Wow, insightful wondrous and amazing. Totally genie in a bottle.

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