Toxic Barbed Wire Dreams – Poem#29 – National Poetry Month

barbed-wire-345758_1920Have you ever thought of life
on the other side of the barbed wire
I have not; I have never been behind one
that is what I believed till
I figured it was not really true
we are always on one side or the other
of a barbed wire
We just don’t accept that we are free
when someone else is loosing theirs
we don’t even acknowledge that
barbed wires exist

Barbed wires are like guitar strings
I am not a musician
nor do I play a guitar
but I know they have a similarity
guitars give you music and Barbed wires
give you dreams that are toxic
In the toxicity of barbed wire dreams
people on either side live without knowing
each other’s existence

I have read about barbed wires that
run through the heart of humanity
and silently wither humanity in
the course of history
we can all trace our ancestry
to the blank eyes staring at
barbed wires at a distance
Even today barbed wires exist
as a shame to our species

But one cannot blame barbed wires
they are not sure on whose side they are
their job is to just divide and confine
the free from the unfree
they just don’t know who are free
and who are confined

First we need to accept that barbed wires exist
then we should accept that we are
on one side or the other
and then we should think
how life is on the other side
would we trade places?
If not, we are the free lot and
it is time for us act to cut these wires down
May be we should not call it a barbed wire dream
because we know barbed wires are
not dreams but nightmares
nightmares we are even today
convinienetly sleeping through

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