Poetry, I love You – Poem#30 – National poetry Month

soul-636097_1920And there will be a thought that
I will dip in a pot of boiling water
and simmer…
I will relish the aroma like
I have never experienced before

May be it is the same thought
that has passed my mind
on some past date I forgot that
to mark on my calendar
a birthday, a tragedy,
a moment of pride
I don’t know

I will close my windows
so neighbors don’t wonder
what is cooking
no one likes savoring
other’s thoughts

I will let it simmer for a whole night
and in the morning I will take a walk
past the old vacant plat covered with wild flowers tree
I will cross the railways
and then walk by the side of the creek
I will sit on that old fallen tree
on which a name is carved
I will again wonder if that person is alive or dead
I will search for that same bird I see everyday
I will then walk back and enter the house
filled with that aromatic thought

As the entire house will still be asleep,
I will pick my laptop and try typing
I will not have anything to type
I am exhausted, totally blank
writing thirty poems in thirty days
I am unable to think after twenty nine
I will let the aroma of that thought from yesterday
get into the screen and
place itself on a blogpost
I will pick an image of something;
may be an abstraction of “thought”
and I will click post
And there I will have my thirtieth poem

National Poetry Month is a revelation
a poetry a month gives you so much thought
to feed for a life time and
I will say out loud
Poetry I love you….

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