Uthama Villain is for film lovers to watch and appreciate the art and one man’s passion for it

uv-2Uthama Villain is not your typical movie, it is a ride with two images running parallel on either side, a real story and a fantasy. And once you see it you will know why only Kamal can make it.

When I look at the Indian film industry and think about people who are immersed fully in films, like film flowing in their veins, A few names strike me, Shantharam, Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor and then Kamal Haasan. Not that other people are not immersed in films, but these people are a bit more deep in it for me. Like film and their name are synonyms. Kamal Hassan is the only indian film personality alive today in my opinion whose every thought is immersed in films. Who experiments and his craft is all about telling us the story of art itself. With all respect to all others in the film industry I salute this genius and would like you to as well.

UV-1Yes his movies, especially the ones he pen do give him more screen time than others, but that is pardonable and there are other folks who do it even more and in poor quality. I am not saying Kamal has not had his misfires like the Alavandan disaster. But just think about what he has given us in the past more than 5 decades, Moondram pirai, Apoorva sahodarangal, Indian, Thevar Magan and many others. Seven of the films that Kamal has been featured were submitted by India to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, the most films ever submitted for any actor in India. Well that speaks why I never miss a Kamal movie.

uv-3Another actor who came to my mind while watching this movie was the legendary malayalam actor Sathyan, who died of blood cancer while at his peak. No one knew he was sick and he made his last movie in 1971 and died same year. Uthama Villian is also the story of an ailing actor who wants to make that one last movie for which he will be remembered. When you see Uthama Villain you feel as if Kamal is giving a tribute to many of his Gurus and teachers in cinema and bring together his love for art in all forms. He has also done the choreography.

The fantasy story line is the movie within the movie that brings together two forms of art, the ancient musical story telling called villupattu and the Theyyam from Northern Malabar telling the story of an eighth century theatre artiste. The movie keeps you glued because you see acting at such an excellence. The film shifts between fantasy and reality since the movie is about the making of the fantasy movie. I read somewhere that the transition and moving around between both story lines were not proper. I did not feel so because it kept me intact in both images through out the journey

The movie also has the legendary film maker K Balachander in a cameo but very important role as the director of this movie within the movie. The film also features talented actors such as Urvashi, Vishwanath, Nasser, Jayaram, and Andrea Jeremiah. The highlight is also some very emotional scenes by Kamal and I don’t think anyone can do them better than him. You want me to name an actor it is Kamal Haasan,…

You should watch Uthama Villain….. and for the VHP Baffoons who have been calling for a Ban, they have nothing better to do, just like their Muslim brothers who called for Ban of Vishwaroopam. These fundamentally touchy groups who call for Ban with every fart and burp should may be stop watching movies. Uthama Villain is the movie of a hero and these villains should stay out of it, get some job and make a living.

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