Why Everyone should watch “The Imitation Game”

The-Imitation-Game-Final-PosterMany of you might have seen the movie, I got to see it yesterday. The movie is a must watch for everyone. Everyone who types on a computer without knowing where to go back in time. Not just that, it tells you that there are some efforts, some secret triumphs, that we all as human beings are indebted to. Some unfairness that has happened in the past that we all should be apologetic about.

The Imitation Game might very well be the story of Alan Turning and how he and his team broke the Enigma code that the world thought was unbreakable. But it also about a boy who was bullied while in school for being different; about a homosexual individual whose intelligence and effort saved over 14 million lives by shortening the world war II. And the world sentenced him for his sexual orientation, put him on hormonal drugs that ultimately resulted in his suicide at the age of 41, after he had saved the world. It is a story of how our world has been unfair to the people who made a future possible for all of us.

Alan-TuringIt is sad that even today across the world the LGBT community still needs to fight for their rights to live, marry and be together. We have progressed but still there are many who look at sexual orientation as not proper, bringing absurd religious reasoning and enforcing laws to curtail the right to be who you are.

If anyone thinks that gay rights and same couple marriage are not an issue, they should watch “The Imitation Game”, because if it was not for a homosexual intelligent good natured human being who was bullied as a kid, the person whom a barbaric world tried to chemically castrate and forced to commit suicide, the world would exist as we know it today. Whatever your sexual orientation is and whatever be your stand on Gay rights, you cannot deny the fact that you owe your life and freedom to a homosexual. If it was not for him, the world would not be as it is, I would not be typing away on this keyboard.

The-Imitation-Game-The movie is also about Joan Clarke and the prejudice people keep thinking that women cannot do better than men but they have been proved wrong on that fro a long time, yet even today their is inequality in work place and society.

Keira knightley who plays Joan has a conversation with Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Alan Turing which gives the essence of the whole movie

Joan Clarke: Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.

Joan Clarke: Do you know, this morning I was on a train that went through a city that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you. I bought a ticket from a man who would likely be dead if it wasn’t for you. I read up, on my work, a whole field of scientific inquiry that only exists because of you. Now, if you wish you could have been normal… I can promise you I do not. The world is an infinitely better place precisely because you weren’t.

movieTuringApart from all this, it is an extremely well done movie and keeps you engaged from start to end and the marvelous performance of Benedict Cumberbatch; I had watched him as Sherlock and for the cameo role he did in August: Osage County and wished to see him in a full length movie. And what better treat than “The Imitation Game”

The films also tells people that if we look back there are stains that the world should be ashamed of, and cannot wash off… but should act as a reminder to everyone looking forward. And  it is important that we have laws in every part of the world that safeguard Gay rights and legalize same sex marriage.

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