The Royal Baby does not have a Poem and now there is a competition for one – WTF

crown-576303_1280I just read that the Royal baby Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana does not have a poem. How sad… sorry, How wicked :)….. Carol Ann Duffy the UK poet laureate declined to write a poem commemorating the birth of the new royal baby.. The spectator readers are being called to write one in a competition How primitive does one go to prove a point

And I wish to say Thanks to Carol. We live in a free nation where no one should rule by birth. It is high time people stop doing this monarchy show business. It is a shitload of absurdity for we all mortals to handle at this age and time Hope no one has forgotten Jacintha saldanha, the nurse who took her life after the prank call during the last royal pregnancy and delivery..

I agree there is a media demand for these kind of stupidity and that is the damn problem at its core… There are thousands of kids born every day… and if so it would be just another addition to the population… just like our kids…what the heck wrong with you people…

Having lived in the UK for a while I know how much the world around cares to bring forward the garbage in the palace toilets from yesteryears, package it in media frenzy and deliver it on dinner tables for every household to consume and later puke….Crap… absolute 100% Royal Crap

The world has been hanging on to this Royal family queen/duchess shit for way too long…. In a world where everyone should be considered equal… there is nothing such as Royal…. We are all equal. We should probably write one against all this whole concept of royalism.. Anyone offended.. because the irrationality behind this royalty business in UK is same as the irrationality behind anything else…. They don’t rule but they are at the helm, worship a stone, book, person, position, anything, man cannot just get out of his servitude self.

The birth of a baby is a time of joy and has nothing to do with who it is. As parents whether royal or not, people rejoice, making a show out of this sounds so ancient. Here are a few words (call it a poem if you want) for this whole stupidity

A poet writes so the truth be told
gone are the times when you write for praise
for coins, for riches
we live in a free world
and we don’t believe in rulers
There is nothing called a royal blood
what is red is red
in your veins; in my veins
A child born is a time of joy
no disagreement on that fact though
be it for you for me for anyone
I don’t care who the parents are
I care less what the baby inherits
what I care and wish is the baby be healthy
grow up to be an asset to the world
like any other baby should
learn to love every human being
without discriminating
aristocracy, politics, religion race, color, creed
every baby is born equal
mine, yours, the aristocracy’s
My best wishes to just another baby born
there are no royal babies
there are only babies
all are cute, innocent and
worthy of all the love we have
be it yours, mine or the royal baby

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