Shobana’s Krishna – A brilliant Capsule of a long and colorful epic saga

DSC_0214Shobana the film actress has always been one of my favorite since my college days, having seen more than once many of her memorable performances. I always knew that acting and films was one side of Shobana and dance is what she has dedicated her life to. But with some people they excel in all the field they embark on. While her acting and national level awards for films might make you think she is first an actor, till you wait and read out the accolades she has for her contribution to the art of dance. So when Krishna, the famous dance drama by Shobana and her team was performing in town, I had to be there. And I was there along with a jam packed crowd. Krishna in my opinion connected two of her fields dance and films.

With narration by Indian actors and actresses and songs from Bollywood; Shobana and her team moved their feet and body to unraveling the story of Krishna. DSC_0042It is not an easy task to capsulize such a long and colorful saga, the life and feats of Krishna which is considered one of the most significant stories in India that links various epics and sub stories within ancient India. Krishna, in spite of having the religious and spiritual angle people see, the character is also considered a cultural symbol in many parts of the country.

From stories ranging from people who have considered Krishna as their brother, lover, friend, protector and just as an alter ego of them selves. Unlike many other divine entities of the Hindu religion Krishna does not come out always as religious, though there is a religious commercialization aspect that is prevalent as with any ancient story. Krishna’s story is filled with both a human simplicity and epic grandiosity that cannot be confined within the boundaries of religious rituals. DSC_0053

Be it the tales of the little Krishna or the valor stories of a monster fighting, Villain Killing teen or the lady charmer antics of a young Krishna or the philosophical angle of his relevance in the Mahabharata epic, the saga encompasses a wide range of entertainment that in my opinion have been borrowed over and over into the stories in the Indian film industry for a long time and even now does. so when this show was in town as a musical dance drama by one of my favorite actresses, there was no second thought.

And I was also fortunate to capture some snaps, thanks to the organizers  AAA Entertainment  and Freedia Entertainment which I have shared here. Above all I was happy to see my wife on stage emceeing the event, another personal highlight for me. In the 2 hour show Shobana and her team were able to bring all aspects of the saga, as the little Krishna, the teen Krishna, the lover and as the philosopher of ethics; the stage and auditorium was a splendor beyond words. How does someone do that.

It does not just take talent, but also a passion that precedes existence. What I mean by that is that someone’s existence is in debt to their passion. Not many people have that. You can feel that reverberating on stage. Not just for shobana but also the team she has trained to perform. DSC_0180Shobana’s daughter Narayini did the role of little Krishna and had the audience enthralled. Even my 8 year old who was watching the show let out a huge cheer of entertained euphoria when she came on stage after the show.

The troop is going over to Florida next for 3 shows in Orlando, Tampa and Miami and then followed by Texas at Houston, Dallas and Austin. Here is a schedule if you are in any of these towns – USA Krishna Schedule and you sure don’t want to miss it

You can visit Shobana’s website here and see her current and new projects – Shobana Kalarpana Here are some more images I clicked… More will be posted online once I sort them…..

DSC_0087 DSC_0046 DSC_0072

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