Bombay Velvet succeeds in being quite boring

bombay-velvet-665x347The problem with Bombay Velvet is simple…. it makes a 2 hour movie look like a 5 hour and still not ending. A Period crime drama that also thanks Martin scorsese so it could use some of the scarface sequence which it made look so silly. Honestly I have no idea what happened in that 2 hours.

The director probably tried something interesting, I will not question Anurag’s intention and ability; so I should say I am not able to rise up to be a good audience here. The setting of the movie is good and I think the individual performance by some of the characters were good. But the movie, had this very annoying pitch and pace to it.

There are movies I have wished could just end, I will add this one to that. The most sad and painful moment in the whole movie was when I saw the sign interval when I was expecting it to end.

Anyway don’t waste your precious time…. relax at home or go for something else…. Karan Johar on screen is one highlight in the movie, but nothing memorable

Anyway Bombay Velvet succeeds in being a bore, at least for me

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  1. its actallly depicts 1930s american movies culture .. a street fighter turns big shot ..badly crafted ..kjo is highlight especially he laughs outside room

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