Irrationality Can Irreparably break Everything – Be Rational

RationalityA religion will behave in accordance with humanity only if it is in minority. The indifference the world population shows to what happens to the Rohingya muslims has a lot to do with putting the Buddhist religion in a different league from others.

The western world, spiritual peace lovers and even some new age atheists’ adoration for it as a philosophy and not a religion does not seem to be applicable in the case of Wirathu and the 969 company. It proves to be just another Religion/Philosophy if in majority people like wirathu can find reasons to justify violence. Irrationality can Irreparably break everything.

Even by keeping Rohingya people in mind many will still say Buddhism is a religion of peace and love unlike other religions. So may be the issue is not just if a religion is about peace and love, or if it instigates violence (though that has a bearing); it must be about what each person derives from it. The big questions one should always be asking themselves is.

  1. Why do you need a religion?
  2. What does the religion you follow tell you?
  3. What do you think?
  4. What are the things you cannot agree as a human being?
  5. Do you think you are different from others because of what you believe in?
  6. Do you find it difficult or easy to hate someone?
  7. Does it matter who it is you love?
  8. What is love in your mind?
  9. What makes you think a specific way?
  10. Why do you say so? And so on and so on…..

I do not think a time will come in the world when no one will be in majority, it is quite impractical. Some ideology, philosophy, religion will always be in majority in some part of the world. It is the way we think. But may be a time will come when the majority of people in the world will consider religion, ideology, nationalism, belief systems and every crap that originates in the human mind as secondary to insignificant when compared to the basic connection between one another.

I believe we still have more good people who can think straight than bad people who get carried away. But that might just not be enough. I think it is important to promote rationality to such an extent that you just not look at religion and its superstitions, but everything in life from a rationalist point of view, food, life style, thinking, politics, freedom, morals, parenting and the very essence of our being.

To add an atheist who breeds hatred towards a religious person during and after a heated debate in my opinion is not rational because he cannot reason his hatred. He can only feel hatred never justify it.

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