Simple Things


pencils-651216_1280Today I woke up to realize that something was changing. I was not able to identify simple things that make me happy. I am not sure if it is a problem or just a symptom. It is true that there has been some element volatility that have started surfacing recently in things I do. So if this symptom I wonder is about that transition from being ‘predictable and simple’ to being ‘unpredictable and complex’. I know we all are quite complex both physiologically and psychologically, but we all have some simple things that get us back to the roots…. That remind us who we are… Something…. and that is what I realized today, I had difficulty to find….  May not be a problem as I said… may be just a symptom…. But the goal, next steps and future direction is evident and clear….. There needs to be a reverse flow, a walk back to find those simple things, collect them and move on… Sometimes we get so complex and unpredictable and even we cannot live with ourselves J Well the aim for us all is to never reach that point… and realize that there is still some self-love and self-admiration left to regain that human self….. Find simple things that can make you more Predictable….. Complexity kills the human, even if curiosity does not kill the cat…..

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