The Logic of food – My Personal Opinion and Choices

BeefSince we know that in India a mob beat a man to death in the rumor of consuming meat here are some thoughts on the logic of food and these are my personal opinions and choices I make from factors of taste, ease to make, affordability, storability, health and so on.

Though I come from calicut where they serve meat for breakfast I don’t remember eating meat for breakfast. Though I loved meat eating it for breakfast was a total No, not even eggs. So when I started travelling I always preferred vegetarian until I consumed sausage and egg and then no more I had that taboo. I have egg whites for my breakfast and the choice was to control cholesterol and a good way to get my protein.

food-516044_1280I love all kind of meat and have eaten frogs and rabbit and deer but I should say I did not really like any of these. It has to do with two things one taste buds and second a psychology factor. I found frog to be slimy and did not taste good. Rabbit was also for some reason tasted too rabbitty. Deer it must have been frozen for so long may be that is why the meat tasted nothing great for the money I paid to buy it… So it was taste, psych and cost that made me reject these meat.

I love Beef and Mutton and Pork.. all made in kerala style with coconut and fried in oil. All very very unhealthy. So naturally I limit my intake of them. I also love steak that I have once in a while (I had it yesterday). So we stock meat at home and make it every now and then… not regular now.. again choices are more health related

Chicken is a more recommended meat as it is less fat and not red meat, but over time I have developed bad taste for some preparations of chicken and may be sometime in future I might stop it fully. who knows and my choices of eating it is based on taste and to handle my meat cravings the non red meat route.

shish-kebab-417994_1280I understand that one should have more of leafy vegetables in their diet and that is important and so I have created my own recipes that have both meat and leafy vegetables like Kale, spinach, lettuce and so on and make it kerala style a good portion of meat also gets you a good amount of vegetables. Though ideally you should eat these leaves uncooked or lightly cooked is what I understand. So I use them more in smoothies or while making my omelette….

I also like cooking meat because I find it far more easy to make and it is easy to make a meat curry taste good  than a vegetable one especially for a person like me, though I make pretty good mango curry and the kerala delicacy kalan.

Since Rice has been removed from the daily diet and is consumed only once in a week the kerala vegetarian dishes are almost absent and again that has to do because white rice is not healthy and of course to reduce carb naturally that brings more of grill into my diet

These are my choices and based on many factors that has nothing to do with religion and I would say my goal is to move towards more fruits and vegetables and keep meat the red tasty meat as more of an exotic food and have it to feel good than have it my daily diet. If I can be happy and contented and live with vegetables that will not need an animal to be slaughtered I would prefer that. But then I have not yet taken a decision to stop meat because animals should not be killed.

image-951834_640But I think that is a good decision for a person, but there is a whole industry that lives on it so I do not promote vegetarianism for the reason of ‘no killings’ but might make that a reasons of my personal food choices tomorrow. It is personal

I believe that if individuals are given the choice to choose their food and there is a proper education regarding food, nutrition and health and you do not try to control people by deciding what they can eat or not, over time they would make choices that suit them with respect to taste, cost, health, psych and so on. When the government tries to impose then it is going too far. Yes you do put laws on endangered species and have to work for humane treatment of animals even the ones that are going to the slaughter house

I remember a speech by Cartman Ramaswamy years ago that I heard and got a chance to meet him where he said he is part of the vegetarianism association and also part of the meat association to help advice in humane way of killing for  meat.. and he said.. I don’t like killing animals but you will continue to eat and I cannot stop that so I will help you be more considerate when you kill

We all have our opinions but it is so more important that we do not try to impose it on others and we do not allow the Govt to make that decision for people..

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