Teaching Religion without teaching tolerance is Child Abuse and a crime

child-334306_1280Today I read the news of a Monster, who mercilessly kill his 4 year old due to his RELIGIOUS beliefs….. Father thrashes and kills 4-year-old after her veil came off!

When I say we should voice against inequality that includes all religions and not just between religions and beliefs, but also within a religion… An individual has a right to cover their face if they want to. IT is just like wearing a cap, but… but….but one cannot force that on anyone… It is a fact that this guy did what he did because his religion says women should cover their face…. again for whet ever reasons… how is it that this is condemned….

I think the biggest culprit is teaching religion instead of giving basic education and what that does is adulterate everything you learn and see in your life… What people should keep in mind is when they teach their kids religion without teaching them all possibilities of life and belief systems they also risk the chance of their kid growing up to be a monster like this… You should never teach your kids that other beliefs are wrong which means you should strike out that word ‘Kaffir’ from the texts… yes strike it out with red ink…

If there was a file photo of this guy as a kid he would also have looked innocent… but then some one taught him religion and through it taught him intolerance and told him that if you do not follow as per this text you will be doomed and then a few years later he killed his 4 year old daughter because her veil slipped from her head…

There needs to be significant change, revolutionary in nature how people explain religion to their kids and it is important for the world and for themselves…

Something like this….
Our religion says do not eat pork but there are other good people who eat pork.. Our religion says cover face but we feel it is an individual choice…. Our religion says do not do idol worship, but their are good people who follow idol worship…. Our religion is not the only religion in this world.. religion is not what makes people good or bad… There are good people who do not believe in religion or God for that matter… You should find your own truth… This world belongs to all of us and not just for those belonging to our religion… If anyone commits crime in the name of religion you should never defend it but voice against it….

Now the question to me some might ask is “as an atheist do you tell your kids that all religions are bad” No I tell my kids “this is what I know about religions and this is what I feel about it and you need to make your own judgements” One sentence and my teaching is over… then we talk about life, halloween, pumpkin, cheese cakes, equality, freedom, movies, songs and so on… there are so many topics to discuss with kids other than religion.. So thats it…

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