Sicario – Powerful, Intense and Thrilling – Good Watch

Main-Quad_AW_29617-Sicario-smallSicario is a pretty intense movie has a ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ kind of touch as it is Go let’s get him kind of movie but this time it is the Drug cartel head.

Benicio del Toro, Emily Hunt and Josh Brolin give stellar performances and you are on the edge of your seat through out the movie. Sicario means hitman in spanish.

You want to know the plot you can check on wiki no point writing here as well..

The movie is not for kids, there is violence, but for those who have been hooked on the Narcos TV series, this should not be missed… For me Benicio Del Toro movie should never be missed because he does not do much movies and when he does, man you are blown away… the look, the act the guy…

I think the movie is a limited release.. catch it in theatre… not necessarily a theatre movie like San Andreas or Jurassic park where the special effects is to be seen… but you know what.. movies should be watched in theatres… 🙂 You remember the movie Traffic..?


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