InDriveView With Adhik Kadam from Borderless World Foundation

Last Week As I was driving I heard him on Radio, I made it a point to drive to the station and meet him. Adhik Kadam is a young man who has been living and working in Kashmir and currently runs Borderless World Foundation that works towards educating and helping girl children who have been orphaned by the conflicts in the Kashmir region.

This week on InDriveView I am in conversation with Adhik, understanding his work and what his goals are and what he is looking forward from us all. The conversation is in a mix of English and Hindi and so for the benefit of those who might not understand Hindi here is a quick synopsis

Adhik Kadam started his Journey at the age of 19 and for the past 18 years he has worked in the conflict area helping kids. For him it is a spiritual journey as he mentions. He says his work is to bring more peace messengers to the society who will in turn continue the effort of peace in the society while being teachers, mothers and responsible model citizens. He runs four homes that house around 150 girls some of them who started 15 years back are now married and have their own family or are doing higher education in colleges.

He does not think this is a short term effort and in his opinion the work would need to be continued for decades to reverse what has happened in the past. Currently they rent these houses and are looking to how they can build own permanent structures to house the kids and that way be able to help more than the current 150 kids.

When I was speaking to Adhik I was thinking about the lack of social awareness I as a young man had when I was 19 and also realized that even today when I write and share things on the web and think my work is done, I might in fact at times be adding to the fire than making  a real difference. The real difference is being made by people like Adhik on the field so it is important for me and you to all support such efforts and focus on the positive side of what is happening in our world. Yes while voicing against what we feel is wrong.

I had to cut the recording of this conversation to make it under 20 minutes and 1GB so I could upload to Facebook. But an unabridged raw version will be uploaded in the Youtube channel soon. What I want to request to all my friends here and I would be reaching out to many of you personally for the same is….

“Adhik is here in US for a few weeks and he would like to create awareness of his work to more people and also tell people about the work he does, what impact his organization has made in the area and what plans they have. He is looking at primarily addressing people in corporates like Facebook, Google, Twitter Apple, Cisco, VMware, Intel, and all those companies that do have efforts that go into helping organizations like his”

Social Media reach is amazing and so I am sure you will all do the needful to understand more about Borderless World Foundation and I will reach out to you friends personally to see how you could help his cause. Thanks Adhik for sharing the time with me and there is much I learned and much I have to reflect on myself in the days to come..

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