Words in the Dark

moody-719227_1920I have tried to rain down
on some books
so I could drench them
the same way the author
would have wanted
it to happen
But often I have stopped
midway startled by a thunder
a thunderous word to be precise
something that did not
find its way into the book
and was waiting outside
startling every reader who came near by
I have often wanted to
ask authors
why such a thing happens
was it intentional that they
leave out some words
I can understand whole sentences
being left out of books
but why words
Once I spoke to a word
I told it after I read the book
that it would have been nice
to have it included
It never really felt that way
that words care what the authors choose
they had their own standing.. always
but then some words feel left out
I too leave a lot of them
so they can come and haunt me
when in a dark night
as the lightning strikes
a glimpse of the word appears
And I will keep my eyes open
waiting for another lightning to come
so I know who it is
I am looking for
but then morning comes too fast
we need more nights
longer and lonely ones
to spend with words
you failed to write…