The Fabric of Trust

fabric-943303_1920There is something we see
in every Trust we hold;
something so personal
that it acts like a fabric
that holds us inside and
when trust breaks
this fabric starts splitting.
Initially the tear is not evident
but then you slowly start realizing
the small binds of this
trust particles
that have been holding things inside.
Things that no kind of medical equipment
can detect because
they have been made of experiences, memories, emotions….
Your work is go through
this painful and torturous process
of seeing it break
thread by thread and
at the same time be strong
strong enough to be there as a witness
and yet slowly buildup pieces of it.
Pieces that need you to remain sane,
pieces that need you to rediscover yourself,
may be to really find you.
The real you who has always been entangled
and lost in this web of trusts.

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