Lives, Emotions, Smiles and Happiness that are just a Selfie Long

IMG_20150829_223701How long is our life, our emotions, smiles and happiness…. just ‘Selfie Long’? or more. ‘Selfie Long’ is not about the long hands you have or the length of the Selfie stick you have. It is all about who you are for the time taken for a selfie. How we people huddle up and bring together something that is just a Selfie long. And after the selfie is done, its all gone and new selfies emerge….

But it is true the Selfie moments live on for a long time than its ‘Selfie Long’ reality thanks to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp and so on, but are we also only enjoying life in ‘selfie long’ bits?

I do not wish to say that Selfies are not real, they are real, they do express emotions,  they are a kind of expression in their own way…. mostly happiness…

The ‘Selfie long’ concept is more obvious when you take Selfie with someone who is not in the mood for it…. you would have seen them break out of that Selfie moment immediately after that click is done…. You have done it, I have done it, many have done it to us…. We have all been Selfie bluffed one time or other.

Well either way, Selfies are here to stay…. but let us also look at life a bit longer than just being ‘Selfie Long’….

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