The Erect Penis, Gods of wasukukatalinapati, women of balakalitapathisya and Gender Discrimination

bath-820073_960_720Not allowing women to enter temples while menstruating or forcing them to walk in covered bags with only eyes and nose showing out are all part of a patriarchal social system that needs to be fought against and broken. It does not matter which religion dictates what everything is part of the gender discrimination. The sad part is there are both men and women who support this just like men and women who oppose it. For those who support we should tell them this story…

In olden times men were asked to never cover their penis and this was as per the will of the elder gods of ‘wasukukatalinapati’. As the story goes the women of the town of ‘balakalitapathisya’ used to be very free till some men came to the town. They came in covering their penis and as they walked in front of the women they always had an erection. There was nothing wrong in having an erection, but they used this erection to later abuse the women and discriminate them based on which women gave more erections. They treated the women with whom they had more erection better than others and also gave them more privilages

The town of ‘balakalitapathisya’ was under the protection of the gods of ‘’wasukukatalinapati’. When the gods heard about this they were angry. They put a rule that when men enter the town they should always leave their penis uncovered. If they walk around or come in front of women and their penis erects then any women near by can hit on it with all her strength using a cane. As part of a ritual a cane is also given to every women as part of a special religious ceremony when they turn 1 year old. Women in the town ‘balakalitapathisya’ from that day onwards carry a cane and men fear to have an erection”

Many people reading the above story will feel it is made up and there is no point pulling such a thing whether true or untrue to this times that we live in. But the story in my opinion is nothing different from any stupid religious dogma that limits women on anything. Women are as equal to men as men are equal to women

The sad part is that many men and women think that the caning of men’s penis while experiencing an erection in the town of ‘balakalitapathisya’ is made up, but asking women to not enter the temple during menustration or asking women to not walk out without covering her whole body or keeping women less equal than men is all fine.

You men or women if you uphold a patriarchal society with such discriminatory thoughts, you are just like the story of the town of ‘balakalitapathisya’. I don’t care who your elder gods of ‘wasukukatalinapati’ are you are so barbaric to promote gender discrimination.

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