Rohith Vemula’s last journey beckons you to fight the politics of castes and the castes of the privileged

rohithWhen a person turns his back on life and takes that Journey towards death by his own choice the news and reasons are very difficult for many to even fathom. But the fact is it happens way too often in every walk of life.

While taking one’s life is never a solution for anything there are many who take that last journey. Who decide it is the time. Always the reason is that life for them seems tougher, unfair and unthinkable than death.

Not just that, ‘Death’ for them stands up as many things, from an end to suffering to a symbol of protest to a message to wake up people from their deathlike slumber and do something to prevent others from taking that journey.

This Journey in most cases is a lone individual journey by the one who traverses it, but with Rohith Vemula it is different, just like many others who are forced to make this choice by the system, powerplay, discrimination and the victimization of a vicious societial stratum.

On this last Journey of his Rohith has taken us all with him. He beckons you and me to travel with him and experience it till that last moment and then walk back from it and come to life and do something about it. Block that way through which others will be forced to travel tomorrow. Do something to change systems that let it happen. To Not be forgotten… not be forgotten

And above all to fight both the Politics of Castes and the castes of the privileged

It should make us think what makes a person take that journey….? especially when people kill others to move ahead…. how unfair a person must find the world he lives in , in order to take his own life…? We all live in that same world and if we do not understand that unfairness I think we are really missing something…..

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