KillBill; Don’t Be Like me or Be like me….. Really?…. Do you care..? Just be yourself

Dont be like BillOK so the Be Like Bill Meme is all over Facebook. I was tempted a few times to try it, but as always I hate giving apps access to my profile to post stuffs for me. But then I thought, really? why would someone care whether they have to be like me or not be like me… And then I realized that these memes are not for others but my self…

Now what do I have to say to others…. I am happy being myself, I don’t care to be or ‘not be’ like you… It does not matter to me.. Now for being like me… what do you know about me? I am much complex than what a meme can put up. And trust me you do not want to be me. And for things why you do not want to be me, did you think I would ever tell you.

One secret; I am much more than what Facebook says… not necessarily always in a good way… I am worse in some areas, so you don’t want to be me at all….

Now about you, you are an equal liar like me, what comes up on your Facebook is just not the whole you. You are much more than what it can show. Do I want to be you? Hell NO! no offense, but don’t you think that is kind of pompous and pretentious to want others to be like you? Shouldn’t we all be done with just one asshole like us in the world that we want more of us.

Facebook lives on our need to feel important, get known, be a celebrity… and no wonder stuffs like ‘Be Like Bill’ comes up. I agree it is funny… but just funny? may be… I am not taking it seriously…. just got some time to pen a post and a topic.

Don’t be like Vinod.. Or Be like Vinod… Who the fuck cares…? Be Yourself and Be content and Be Happy… Kill Bill so he can go to hell or jump in a well or go back into your shell, or yell at Bill… Let’s see who will tie the bell on bill… so go SILL(Y)


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