Interesting movie about an aspiring Poet in an ‘Adult World’ :)

Adult WorldDirected by Scott Coffey ‘Adult World’ is a cute interesting movie of a girl (out of college) played by Emma Roberts who aspires to be renowned poet sending manuscripts to magazines and publications.

She is a Big fan of the renowned poet Rat Billings played by a favorite of mine John Cusak. Since she can’t keep piling on her parents she takes up the only job available, to tend the counter for a Adult shop that sells adult video, magazines and toys.

An aspiring poet working in an Adult store… If that is not interesting enough for you to watch you better stop watching movies… And oh, yes.. she meets Rat billings and tries to get tips on poetry.

OK, let me give you some one liner dialogues from the movie

“Love… love until you hate. Then learn to hate your love. Then forgive your hate for loving it.”

Rat Billings: How do you feel about failure?
Amy: I failed many times.
Rat Billings: That’s good. Continue to fail. If you want to make art, you have to fail. And so, the hardest job is to fail better.

The SATs don’t mean shit, that’s like believing in scientology

And finally,

I don’t know if you noticed. I put some of my poems in the basket.

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