Dinkoism and ‘The Dinkan Poem’

dinkan-balamangalamDinkoism has emerged as a parody religion on social networks organized by Independent social welfare groups in Kerala, India.

Here is my Attempt on a piece to support and promote Dinkan and Dinkoism

There is new information
a new Religion in Town
It’s the age of Dinkan
the age of the golden
An end to stories of creation
Don’t get stranded between God and demon
No more of those baseless donation
End of that vocation selling salvation
And end to all that Predation
Dinkan is the new Generation incarnation
it is all about evolution
Not about some stupid blabbering over intoxication
As religions force the world to darken
Dinkan stands by with the enlightenment token
All religions preach flavors of the same old Toxin
And Dinkan comes with the true medicine
Your religion has made you face dejection
A fact you always left unspoken
Having been fooled by many a deacon
Dinkan is the new world beacon
And remember
he won’t punish you for eating beef or bacon
If your religion has made you dysfunction
Follow Dinkan and find your true direction
That itself is the plain true distinction
No fear; if you fail in your deduction
Dinkan will never push you into a delusion
When all religions lead to frustration
Dinkan is your resort before hitting the button deletion
When all religions rely on fabricated depiction
Dinkan alone will show you the path to true devotion
It does not matter if you are lost
in any religious junction
Come to Dinkan and get rid of all baseless injunction
You try shooting Dinkan and
you will also learn about deflection
You might be beaten, broken or in desperation
Dinkan will never play with your emotion
no magic potion, no dilution
He won’t judge you with preconceived notion
He will believe in you and set you in motion
Believe there is no hell or heaven
There is only Dinkan
All religions reach a state of stagnation
all meanings lost in translation
And you give way to every single temptation
My friend it is time for some real reflection
Dinkan does not sell you sassy quotation
He never takes a day vacation
but you will always be in a celebration
Because Dinkan is the confirmation
that Co-operation is the must needed transformation
And again He is all about toleration
a sign of motivation, innovation, inspiration
Dinkan is sweeping across the population
Boy, Do you need any more Validation
Dinkan is your liberation
The only God of Reason
Pankilakattil Dinkan
The only God of Reason
Pankilakattil Dinkan
The only God of Reason
Pankilakattil Dinkan

More About Dinkan and Dinkoism (Courtesy Wiki)
Dinkoism celebrates Dinkan (ഡിങ്കോയിസം ) as their God in an attempt to bring awareness of the fallacies and practices of traditional religions. The backstory and professed ideology of Dinkoism has a grown organically over the years.


Thanks Jith for the image 🙂

Supposed verses are quoted on the fly with fake passages to a non-existing holy book. Like traditional religions Dinkoists also lay claim to various miracles of Dinkan in the form of writings and signs of Dinkan in food items, cow markings, vegetables and clouds.

Dinkan (മ: ഡിങ്കൻ) is a fictional anthropomorphic superhero mouse who appear in an eponymous Malayalam comic story series in children’s magazine Balamangalam

Dinkan was born in Pankila forest, somewhere in Kerala, India. He was a naughty mouse, who wasn’t disciplined. During one of his escapades, Dinkan was abducted by aliens from an unknown planet. They conducted experiments on him which ended up giving him superior strength, enhanced senses and the ability to fly. Somehow Dinkan found himself back in Pankila forest and he decided to use his powers for the well-being of animals in the forest.

This is for all fellow Dinkoists in the world who believe in the Holy Dinkan Religion smile emoticon

(For all Dinkoists Out There)

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