Farewell to a versatile Actor – Kalabhavan Mani Passes Away at 45

KM1Giving us so many memorable characters over a quarter century one of the most talented member of the Malayalam Film and Arts industry left us today. Kalabhavan Mani who moved from mimicry to movies was an integral part of movies across Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. A captivating folk singer he had found his way to peoples life through his various performances.

Giving us characters across a range of temperament; Comedy, Villain, Hero, Anti-hero and many more. Manichettan as he was lovingly known to the younger crowd will be missed by every movie goer Malayali. Life moves on and movies will be made again but some people leave a vacuum that can never be filled, never in the same way again.

This will come as a shock unlike any to all film lovers who have seen him perform. Never expected even in their wildest dreams, so soon, life cut so short…

He is also the recipient of numerous awards. We will all miss that laugh of yours which reflects a person’s heart on his face. A laugh that made us feel you laughed for us all. All those so many roles that you gave us be it comical or intense had given us memorable moments to cherish and keep watching again and again

All the characters which Mani could have done unlike anyone else will now have to walk back into the writer’s pen or reform themselves in the new ink yet to flow. Because for Mani you need Mani.

Reference: News In Indian Express

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