My Body Watches My Mind in Awe – National Poetry month 2016 #1

glow-1177383_960_720My mind has been scattered everywhere;
a feat my body can only accomplish once dead
or hope it can; But
that is if they (those alive while I die)
Choose to burn me and scatter the remains
in all places the my mind has wandered
My body looks at my mind in awe

It will never happen
not because I will not die
but because I will not let that happen
My organs will be donated
used by someone for whom it will help

My reckless life might have made much unusable
but what is left will be used
and if none is left of use
I will let them cut me and learn

And as they cut me let them rejoice
let them in every cut they make
see an incision they make in the future
where lives will be saved
Do not remember me for I do not exist

And now for my loved ones who if they choose
not to heed my wish, and
decide to burn, cremate and turn me into ash
for what ever vile, silly, traditional custom you believe in
You will again lose

Because you can never scatter my body
in places my mind has wandered
and No I cannot tell you where all
because if I do
I know you will wish I were dead early

And as I write this
My body sits and watches my mind in awe
For my body cannot be scattered the way my mind can

Categories: National Poetry Month, Poetry


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