We are all colored – National Poetry Month 2016 #2

We are all coloredDad, what is a Color?
Son, It is something that you can see
feel, experience….
Something that exists

Is Black a Color? And what about brown?
Isn’t Rainbow having all the colors?
Yes it does son;

Is white a color dad?
Or is it the lack of any color?

What do you think son?
Dad I think it is a color
it just does not know that yet

How is that son?
Dad, Black knows it is a mix
of all the beautiful colors
including the white

Son, Black is Beautiful
Yes Dad, a black spot on the cheek
people call it Beauty spot
And a white spot
they try coloring it all up
Black is beautiful

Son What about Brown?
Dad, Brown is at times pondering
if it is whiter than Black
stupid but true
it is just brown;

Dad, Black Brown or White
We are all colored
We all get hurt,
We all feel pain and
We all can experience love
Some are just confused
To be or not to be a color