Bullies With Bullets – National Poetry Month 2016 #3

war-1247950_960_720Tell me about a war where there were no loses
Where Babies laughed through the entire show
A war that did not make widows and orphans
A war that did not reduce the population
Where innocents did not die, and
the term collateral Damage was not used
Find one single war, and please refer me to that one

Where people were not displaced
Where beautiful landscapes did not turn into smoke
Where people did not lose a hand, a leg or an eye
Where buildings were not burnt for just being there
Do you know of such a war?

Where in the end people wanted more of it
They said ‘great this war reflects the culture we love’
May be not, maybe you will never find one
Because there is not one… not a single one
Now never ever “F” come and ask me
why I detest wars, and
why I think every war makes us losers

Someone once said
‘We are fighting a war so peace can be restored’
Well there is a counter to that statement
and it uses the ‘F’ word

War is the world of ‘bullies with bullets’
And I am not a bully, neither should you be
they teach that in kindergarten

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