Kid On Car – National Poetry Month 2016 – Day7

child-labor-934893_960_720Small hands blackened with oil and dirt
pushing a small tray under a car
as the playground screamed in joy
of little ones playing cricket and soccer

His sweaty face witnesses a smile
a censored childhood jumps out
winning over his tired alertness

Oil is lifeless not like kids;
and it does not care for trays
or their position beneath
they just flow…

A slap from a heartless adult
little faces produce so much tears
compete and win over sweat

How long he has been there?
He never thought about it
He does not remember
But he is growing slowly

He has grown watching
schoolbags walk overing little backs
ice cream cones melting in little mouths
some are chocolate, some are vanilla

He has seen Playgrounds
struggling to choose between
cricket, soccer, seven stones
and badminton…
But He has never had a choice
scooters, mopeds, bikes, cars, all

They choose; the adults
just like they chose his life
a life written off to wrongful labor
Some adults have very small memory
they forget that they were kids
Or they just never care

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