Long Live Free Thought – National Poetry Month – Day8

Nazimuddin SamadNazimuddin Samad was a secular blogger who was hacked to death by religious fanatics in Bangladesh. The latest victim of Islamic fanaticism in Bangladesh. Today on National Poetry Month Day #8 the theme is ‘Fighting Religious Intolerance. I dedicate this post to all secular bloggers killed by religious madmen in Bangladesh; Asif Mohiuddin, Ahmed Rajib Haider, Sunnyur Rahaman, Shafiul Islam, Avijit Roy, Oyasiqur Rhaman, Ananta Bijoy Das, Niloy Neel, Faisal Arefin Dipan and now Nazimuddin Samad

Long Live Free Thought

The ability to speak freely is hacked
by the inability to accept criticism
And when it comes to religion;
‘creating madness’ has become a norm

I heard a speech on youtube a few days back
some meeting to facilitate religious unity
And I wondered…
What about the nonreligious? What about the Atheists? the Agnostics?
Do they mean that religion is the base of Unity among humans?
I wish to differ… You should too

You talk about unity only when there is none
Religion does not talk about unity,
it speaks and screams of differences
It says loud ‘you are not one of us’
It spins stories to make you blind

Avijit Roy was hacked to death by religious intolerance
Avijit means ‘Invincible’
And yes the ‘Free Thought’ he stood for is invincible

Asif Mohiuddin was killed by religious intolerance
Asif means ‘Brave, Strong and Courageous’
And yes Asif is all that and more

Ahmed Rajib Haider was slain by religious intolerance
Ahmed means ‘highly praised’
learn to praise him and his work in your religious texts

Sunnyur Rahaman and Oyasiqur Rahaman
were murdered by religious intolerance
‘Rahaman’ means ‘Servant of the Most Merciful’
What are you learning from religion?
To slay the servant of the Most Merciful?

Shafiul Islam was stabbed to death by religious intolerance
I hope you know the meaning of ‘Islam’?
Have you ever thought What you are defending

Ananta Bijoy Das was killed by religious intolerance
Bijoy means ‘Victorious’ and
Ananta means eternal, Das means Servant
Ananta Bijoy Das means
‘Servant of the eternally victorious’
Who did you kill here?

Nazimuddin Samad was murdered by religious intolerance
Samad means ‘the eternal’
Who are you fighting for? Did you murder ‘the eternal’?

Niloy Neel was hacked to death by Religious Intolerance
Neel means ‘Blue’
Now you might ask what ‘Blue’ means
Like you care for meaning in words

You also hacked to death Faisal Arefin Dipan
Faisal means ‘the separator between good and evil’
And when you killed him,
you removed the separation between good and evil
proving just that
‘there is no more good left in religion’

If you are angered when your religion is questioned
I think you have a trait that needs treatment
a trait so awful for society, that
induction into ‘Free Thought’ is the only solution for your madness
the only salvation for your remaining humanness

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