My Little Chocolate Box – National Poetry Month 2016 – Day24

Chocolate BoxThe little box of chocolates
I was denied as a kid has grown so big
burdening and obstructing
an already obscure adulthood

Chocolates colored with little hands
wrapped into rainbow colored papers
by little fingers that aimed to
one day draw a map on the clouds

Maps that can take you places,
but then you let that sweet turn into bitterness
and slowly savor them all you life

My little chocolate box has grown so big
that the bitterness was mistaken by
the world around; in fact they had
never savored what sweetness was

But then who cares for bitterness or sweetness
the mouth, lips, tongue nor the senses were theirs, it was all mine
it was my little chocolate box
against their big world

but the tragedy or should I saw my escape was that
my little chocolate box had grown bigger
than their world

Categories: National Poetry Month, Poetry


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