InDriveView with Dr. Ashish Satav of MAHAN Trust

IMG_20160423_144145It has been 5 months since I did my last InDriveView with the Amazing Adhik Kadam. Though I had initially planned to do this weekly and if not at least monthly the gap of 5 months has been due to both lack of time and a bit of the lack of urge to discipline myself into doing it. That is when a new set of friends I met while I was InDriveViewing Adhik reached out and told me about Dr. Ashish Satav’s Visit.

I heard about Dr. Ashish and the great work he and his wife Kavita were doing in Melghat, the hilly forest region in India inhabited mostly by tribal and is well known for infant mortality and Malnutrition related deaths. Moved by the pathetic condition of Melghat, Dr. Ashish started the NGO MAHAN (acronym for M-Meditation, A-AIDS, H-Health, A-De-Addiction, N-Nutrition) in 1997. MAHAN Trust is the only NGO in the Melghat region providing medical care and Health Services to the tribal communities living in that area. The commitment that the Doctor duo do in the area is amazing and I request you all to visit their website to learn more about the work they do.

Since Dr. Ashish was quite busy, we just got to take a quick drive and I decided to add that without much edits. Here you go… I wish Dr. Ashish and Dr. Kavita all the best and support for their mission to bring medical care to the needy.

A long way to go in doing this in a better way on audio and the conversations. I guess it has to come from practice. May be  I will do this more regularly and thanks to Chitra helping me restart on this Journey . Thanks for introducing me to such a nice human being.

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  1. Sir I like to work for your project

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