The Long Lasting Power of Shorts – Interior Cafe

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.51.10 AMShort Movies have a unique powerful experience of creating a long Lasting Impression. There was a time when short movies were considered the stepping stone to landing on a deal for a full length movie. And I have always been amazed when I watch the early shorts made by many famous directors. But over time Shorts have grown beyond that and in itself has become such an important aspect of movie making.

I think as more and more of people find it difficult to spare a continuous two and a half hour for a movie shorts give you that needed stimulation. No wonder that I have been a fan of shorts for a while and once even tried to make one taking into account my inability to be glued on a seat for more than 30 minutes 🙂

Also the access to movie making tools and the internet platform has lowered the barrier to give life to one’s creativity. The interesting thing is many acclaimed actors from theatre and movies have taken the step to enter into a short. Here is one I watched with my favorite actor (and yours for sure) Naseeruddin Shah and the wonderful Shernaz Patel

Interior Cafe is made by Adhiraj Bose and tells you the story of love. It is more than love, it is about chance, opportunity and taking that needed decision which will change everything in life. Not everyone gets a second chance and many who get it do not realize it when they have it. The movie tells you how to dim the lights on your doubts and pessimism so that you can light up the path ahead. It is always about saying “why is it so? and Can I change it” and then changing it. Thanks Adhiraj for making the movie. The unsaid part of the short that weaves its perspectives on the viewer is well done here.

Here is the movie on YouTube

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  1. Great to see Nasser and Shernaz like this… at Birdsong Cafe no less. 🙂

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