If in Fremont Watch a show at the Made Up Theatre

Madeup TheatreIt was quite unplanned, well the decision to watch the Improv at the Made Up Theatre. Saturday 10 PM show and recommended by a friend who was planning to go. Once I got in and started watching I realized that this was exactly what I wanted to see for quite a while. I had read about them before on the internet and always wanted to watch. What a miss I did not go there earlier.

If you need to laugh without an interruption then this is the place to go. And did I tell you that laughter is said to be good for you. Everyone who makes people laugh does a great service to society and here at Madeup you probably also get rid off some of your grumpy genes as well and probably get to contribute to a funnier generation. It has been two days since I saw the show and I still remember a few of the acts that were hilarious and has seeped well into my daily Made Up DNA.

Now there are a few future thoughts. One for sure to watch them more and two if possible to get some training from them, yes they do classes. And not just that, they also pack these laughs for the corporate audience too. Well you know what stress can do to teams and get them to come and make you guys laugh and think and I am sure the team will perform better and be happier, may be..

So what do they do? They let the audience come up with a theme and then they just put up an act. Yes its called Improv and I am sure you might have seen before, but guys this is in Fremont, my home town. Did you know Chaplin made some movies in Fremont as well. Another thing I can brag about my town, its the town of the Made Up Theatre.

Thanks Guys for the wonderful time and keep doing it… Love it

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