Who said Atheism makes perfect sense? No it does not. Here is what makes Perfect sense.

atheismWho said Atheism makes perfect sense? No it does not… Here are few things that make Perfect sense

It makes perfect sense that an elephant head is the sign that plastic surgery existed long ago. That back then one day the plastic surgeon’s wife wanted to take shower and did not want anyone to come inside. So she asked a talking bull to stand out and not let anyone in. Some time later the plastic surgeon came in and since the talking bull was more loyal to the plastic surgeon it let him in. His wife was so angry, she took the soap she was using to take bath and made a son out of it. yes a living baby from just soap. just like that like a bubble…

Next time she was taking shower she asked her son to stand guard. The plastic surgeon again came and saw this boy whom he did not recognize, he got angry and cut the head off. The wife was enraged and she said she will take revenge, the plastic surgeon’s usual partner in crime an old man with beard pleaded to the wife to reconsider. She said she will do it in two conditions. One bring back her son to life (the son who was not born out of sex but artificially made from soap water), and two, that he be forever worshipped before all the other gods which were all born for real.

The plastic surgeon agreed to his wife’s conditions. He sent his bearded friend out with orders to bring back the head of the first creature that crosses him and that is lying with its head facing North (this has some reason that is very factually proved and cannot be negated). The guy soon returned with the head of a strong and powerful elephant. The plastic surgeon placed the elephant head onto the kid’s body and he stood up and walked and he adopted him as his son. But then all this skill was lost for subsequent generations and then people struggled to find ways from the start of a whole new medical revolution. Even now changing the head is a mystery, we are still far behind our own past. so we pray to the elephant head so that we all can have similar choices on a head.

There are many such stories and one is that of a guy who had ten heads but 4 on one side and 5 on other and gravity worked different for him and they all never shifted to one side due to weight. But then many talking monkeys came as a army and killed him.

Then another very real story is about a talking serpent and two naked people eating apple and flying horses and that goes on and one.

Then there is one about a goat who was hungry and ate a piece of paper as per the wife of a guy who made a religion and according to her in the paper it was written that people should be stoned. She added that to a list of rules and based on that countless men and women were stoned to death till date.

Then once another bearded man who made the sea split and walked through it holding a stick, his name was Charlton Heston it seems

These are stories that should make perfect sense to all. Who Said Atheism makes sense. Never

-A disillusioned Atheist-

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