Liveliness of the Abstract

photography-945822_960_720My alcohol failed mornings
wake up to the drops of the dew
breaking at a flower’s glance

My unshaved cauliflower cropped face
opens up to the now faint whisper of
a scream that put me to rest yesterday

This stinking body that was flushed
down a soapy drain yesterday will
today wash clean in the pouring rain

The existence that had a dead silence
between forced pauses will now
come alive into a bright rainbow

The mirror from which the image
escaped yesterday at sharp 8 PM
will be broken into clear 8 pieces Today at 8PM

The trembling hands that could not hold
a frail mind together from drifting will find solace
in locking with nail polished ring fingers

There is a luxury in the reality of yesterdays 
that will always be replaced by
an abstract love alive only today