Our Life is a Lost Cause writing our own obituary

truthSomeone asked me what my truth is
I had to say it is personal
They asked me why is Truth Personal
I said because it only matters to me
“What about the people who love you” They asked
“I love them” I said
And I looked at him and went on
Truth is personal and has nothing to do with love
nor with hate, nor indifference
Truth is Truth and it is personal
My Truth is not yours, yours not mine
but we together hold a Truth
And that is what matters in this world
That Truth tells me that we are equal
You are in no way better than me
It is not me against you, it is jus us
We sail the same boat
where the sea is the same and storm is the same
No one has a right to stop you from believing
Nor do you have a right to impose your belief on others
We hold a terrible loyalty to each other
We might not see eye to eye
but we walk shoulder to shoulder
You cannot live in my non existence
And I am dead in your absence
we both hold the same equal right
to be who we are
You to be you and
me to be me
You to hold your Truth
And me to hold mine
We together hold the responsibility
to nurture and build on ours.
On the Truth that is ours
Yes, My friend My Truth is Personal
Because our Life is a Lost Cause
writing our own obituary

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