4 ways to build a human company in the age of machines – Watched the TED Talk and Bought the Book

I have been a long time fan of TED talks. Yes I know you are too. Most of the times when I watch a TED talk. I watched the TED talk and went ahead and visited his website, a few of his articles on LinkedIn and then bought his book “The Business Romantic” from Amazon I also commented on TED because the talk is incomplete if you do not parse it through as a listener.

“The talk was not complete so I went and bought his book “The Business Romantic” because I think if we do not do something about meaningfulness in business and the work we do we will see impacts on life much before the so called AI takes over 🙂 So I am not waiting for the AI completely taking over, I need to live happy now and that needs what Tim says. So I am with you.”

Now let me read the book. What Tim says is relevant even without AI taking over. Simple..

Here is the Video I watched