Welcome Timur (or Taimur) to the world


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So who is itching because Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor named their kid Taimur? To be honest I might be an idiot, but I had no clue who Taimur was, but now I know because some moron who was grieved because a kid born of a muslim and Hindu’s marriage named their kid what they liked. and he felt the name was offensive. He or she probably did not have any problem with names like Nathuram or Stalin or Lenin floating around.

If you go to the jail in India you can find convicts with names such as Sriram, Ram, Mohammed, Vishnu, Shiva and so on. How dare their parents name their kids the name of Gods and prophets and the kids end up criminals and convicts.

Just naming your kid something you feel is pious does not guarantee anything. But I have heard that someone name their child Vagina and they did not know English. I think the dad’s name was vasudev and wife’s name was gina. Well they selected a name that used letters for both parents name. Now I can see the difficulty that kid would have in school.

I have a friend Koya a muslim who named his kids Aditya and Siddharth and when some maulawi’s opposed he asked if the maulawi’s will take the complete expense for raising the kids, the Maulawi’s went silent. So based on traditions the morons who have an itch on Saif-Kareena’s sons name should wash Koya’s feet and drink that water. I will call him and ask him to bottle it and sell to you guys as anti-itch medicine

I have asked my parents why my name was not Amithab Bacchchan or atleast Amit or atleast Rajesh and not Vinod because I liked Rajesh Khanna and not Vinod Khanna growing up. I wanted to name my sone Rahgeer and then we decided on Rahi because it is small and easy to remember. Everything is our choice. I like the name Timur its simple easy to pronounce and quite different. Isn’t that many parents look for?

Naming a kid is a decision of the kid just like these itch masters named their kids. Naming your son after Gods and pious human beings and prophets does not make any good. But I understand that our society is so narrow that many parents do not name their kids hitler. The name Hitler is not the issue the man hitler was. Why do you not hear the name Judas among christians. Why do you not hear the name Ravana or hiranyakashibu among hindus. Because many parents feel putting that name will cast shadows on their kid’s future. Yes the superstition and fear of societies prejudices.

You will also not hear names like vibhandakan or drishtadyumman or even yudhishtir much and that is because it is difficult to pronounce. But sometimes they do use names that are so out of the world just to make feel their kid is unique. That is a parent’s choice and you guys who have a problem can go and kiss a donkey’s ass.

That being said every individual has a right to change his or her name to suit his or her life. Even parents have no say in it. No wonder Murugan becomes Morgan Arunachalam becomes Andy and Kaurjeet becomes kathy and so on. There are choices in life and a name is the easiest to change.

Many of these morons do not change their age old depressive caste names but have a problem when Saif and Kareena name their kid what they want. So sick you guys are who have nothing else than trying to attack parents for something you also did. Stupid maniacs is all I have to say.

Welcome Timur to the world or Taimur people don’t know how best to spell it even and they cry.

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