The PenPositive New Year Quadrant

Every year when we come to the end of the year there is excitement. Though we know it is just another passing of time based on a model through which we create an order in the world we live, everyone likes to look at this as a fresh start. An opportunity to start fresh. Make resolutions and do things that they love and is important to them and their loved ones.

I wanted a simple way to plan the new year and so this year I created what I call a New Year Quadrant plotting various things in my life against the Happiness and Goals and putting them in four quadrants and want to share that with you all

What I did here is to plot several items in four quadrants across Happiness and Goals and use that as a self check mechanism reminding that all that makes you happy is not important and some of the things that do not make you happy are very important to be pursued.

I call this the PenPositive New Year Quadrant and you can try it too. Just plot many things in your life against happiness and Goals. The priority is to focus on Q2 and Q4 and by the end of the year slowly move items in Q4 to Q2. Also do indulge at times in some of the Q1. What is life without a little vice.

Q3 is what you need to completely avoid because they do no good to you or others. Now you can revisit them down the line and see how it goes. Add more items that you discover and look through.


Wishing you all a very great 2017

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