She was there – 365 Flash Fiction #63

legs-434918_1280She met her heir in the corridors of time; For a customary handover of every human’s fate; Looking at 2017 she said ‘Give them a better year will you?.

She was at times beautiful, sometimes funny, she was wild and yet always forgiving. She lived through in pain and some gain all in the pursuit of some mortal’s fame. She stood witness to births and deaths and murders and more. She also witnessed as nature angered over humans.

She watched silently as some rejoiced and some mourned. Yet she never judged them for what they did. She knew that at the end some lose and some win but not the same always.

She knew what people had lost, and so no wonder when she met her heir in the corridors of time; As the customary handover of every human’s fate happened; She looked at 2017 and hugged. A drop of tear for those had to bear, as the clock struck 12 she said in a very soft voice

“Give them a better one. will you?”

She was 2016… And she was there.. for me and for you….