Kickstarting the National Poetry Month 2017 Project

Yesterday April 1st I kickstarted this years series of Projects for the National Poetry Month. As usual two projects. One was on Translating the poem of an international poet’s poem to my Mother Tongue Malayalam. The next was to read and record one of my poems every day for the duration of the event. So that would be 30 poetry readings and 30 translations in 30 days.

On the first day I read a poem “Why Poetry?” which I had written a while back. There is an interesting story behind this poem. When I first published my book, a friend of mine asked me. So what money are you going to make?

Till then I did not think that poetry was written to make money. To be honest money never hurts but for me poetry is much more than any monetary significance. And sometimes in our world where everything is expected to have a monetary tag, it is tough to tell people why you write. At least for those who have no inclination for poems.

So I decided to respond back through a poem and from that came up ‘Why Poetry?’

Here is the Reading and you can also subscribe and get the additional readings by Clicking and going to my Youtube Channel

And here is the poem I read yesterday to mark the National Poetry Month

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