Pursuing a passion on the side can make life happier

Everyone has a passion but most people are not lucky to have their passion and profession be the same thing. The constant push by self help gurus have been to make a living doing what you love. It is not always easy. But pursing a passion, doing what you love to do is important even if you do not monetarily benefit out of it.

Understanding that the goal in life is not to make your passion and profession the same thing or to make a living out of your passion. It is to be happy. And there is more than one way to happiness because it has to do a lot with your way of thinking.

If happiness is only achieved when you are in a profession that you would do even if you are not getting paid, then there will be more unhappy people in this world and it will never stop. It is just not practical for everyone. So before you leave everything and embark on trying to make a living out of your passion you need to try to do two things which are more sustainable than all the positive talk out there.

First, look at your current profession and see if there is anything you are passionate about and try to work on it. May be you can find detours and other roles and bifurcations in your profession that can move you towards a more happy work life. If you do not find it then at least you will be more clear on what you want to do for a living.

Second, start engaging and pursuing your passion on the side. It is not just enough to start it, you should also try to see if you can make a revenue doing what you love. If you cannot make money on the side doing what you love the chances are very unlikely that you will be able to make a revenue doing it full time.

If you find out that your passion is not a revenue creator, don’t just leave it because even doing what you are passionate about on your side has its long lasting impact on your happiness index. Being able to engage yourself in an activity without being pressured by an achievement or the monetary benefits can be immensely fulfilling. And even if you are stuck in a job you do not like, this passion on the side can make it all worth it.

So pursue a passion on the side to make your life happier

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